Portable Dual Split-Screen
Reading Station

The DuoRad was completely engineered for accessibility from anywhere while upholding all FDA and ACR standards for reading diagnostic studies. Designed to be set up in minutes, this portable dual split-screen workstation can be taken anywhere as needed. The DuoRad was intended for travel and complete radiology workstation usability.

The DuoRad is the most accurate way to read studies from any location. The portable workstation has virtually zero differences between the current reading station you use in your practice - the only difference: you can pack it up, put it away and take it anywhere! With its self-calibrating diagnostic screens, you can rest assured your patients will be receiving the highest quality results available.

The dual split-screen design assists with your study comparison needs. So go anywhere and read studies while maintaining the highest possible clinical quality.​

Every safety measure is taken during shipment and delivery of of your portable workstation unit.

No Boundaries

DuoRad was engineered to allow you to compare studies on the go, whether it's at your home office or at the beach. Self-calibrating diagnostic screens provide the highest image quality possible so your patients can receive the highest quality results available.

Available Colors:

  • pink

  • black

  • blue

  • grey


  • Meets strict FDA and ACR standards

  • ​Native intelligent enterprise worklist

  • Native workflow orchestration engine

  • Peripherals (mouse, keyboard, and dictation microphone) included

  • Approximate Weight: 43 lbs.

  • Approximate Dimensions: 23.9" H x 9.45" W x 22.6" D

  • Options to bundle with either:

    • EIZO® RX660 6MP or MX315 8MP Diagnostic

    • Dell® Ultra Sharp 30" Clinical Monitors

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