We believe that enhanced workflow should be a part of every radiologist's reading experience, which is why we provide enhanced workflow orchestration with every workstation. The workflow orchestration engine is a proprietary web-based software which automates case assignment to provide real-time equitable workload distribution to any scheduled radiologists.

The engine maximizes a radiologist's subspecialization which leads to increased productivity and a more efficient use of your time, ultimately resulting in a higher quality of work. User preferences are provided to allow radiologists to include modalities in or exclude modalities from their repertoire so you to interpret the most preferred exams to read. Staggered reading times are accounted for, even for radiologists reading cases remotely while on call.

With a more efficient system to regulate and expedite the workload, patient satisfaction will increase as wait times for cases decrease.

Equitable Distribution

 Workload distribution is calculated based upon many radiologist factors including:

  • State/region licensure

  • Facility credentialing and privileges

  • Radiologist availability and suitability

  • Accepted insurance

  • Modalities

Custom Assignment

 Case assignments can additionally be customized to fit your organization's or group's needs. Case distribution and volume may be scheduled to distribute exams to a nighthawk reading service outside of operational hours or to assist during peak times.


  • Intelligent and equitable case distribution​

  • Customizable RVUs and modality preferences

  • Custom case assignment and reassignment rules

  • Supports static and dynamic service level agreements​

  • Maximizes radiologist efficiency to increase productivity and patient satisfaction

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