RadCom 4

Enterprise Multi-PACS Reading Station

Hardware base multi-blade system that allows for full and direct accessibility to native, independent PACS and Dictation Clients without any software integration.

Workstation Solutions


The Ultimate Radiology Reading Station

Nothing is standard on this workstation. From it's ultra fast boot time to it's unusually quiet performance everything was taken into account when it was designed. Not your average run of the mill workstation. This Reading station has Radiology in it's DNA.



Enterprise Worklist

A revolutionary software that works seamlessly with virtually any PACS, to fairly and evenly distribute cases to all assigned users, allowing physicians to manage their time more efficiently — maximizing both profit and patient satisfaction.




Imaging Workflow

  • Customized radiology workflow management

  • Interruption management

  • Peer Review

  • PH Optimizer radiologist scheduler included or integrate with any 3rd party scheduler of your choice.

  • Real time and even case distribution

  • Patient safety oversight

  • Customize radiologists preferences and sub-specialties

  • Fully integrated peer review through RadPeer or 3rd party peer review of your choice

Portable Solutions


Portable Single Screen Reading Station

The UnumRad was completely designed for portability while upholding all FDA and ACR standards for reading diagnostic studies. At around 46lbs it is easily taken anywhere needed. 


 The DuoRad has every benefit the UnumRad has with the additional value of a 6MP Diagnostic slit screen diagnostic monitor. This unit truly embodies the ​complete radiologist workstation with its ability to do full screen comparisons while paired with 2 external USB powered monitors that allow full access to your work-list and dictation platform. 


Portable Dual-Split Screen Reading Station

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