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At Dextro Imaging Solutions, we understand the needs of a radiologist. The workstation is the key tool used day in and day out, which is why we engineered Inceptio to be the ultimate in technology and design when it comes to radiology. Designed to meet and exceed your expectations, its combination of colossal power and complete noise cancellation is designed to keep you from having to worry about your reading station by maintaining a nearly perfect balance of:

From its ultra-quiet design to its water-cooled internals, this powerhouse will never advertise its capabilities. Reducing things like boot time, study processing time and 3D rendering time, Inceptio was developed to assist with every current and non-current PACS or imaging technology. We thought of the little things: quiet, cool and dust-free. All while outperforming any over-priced,
over-hyped workstation in the market today. Redundant and capable of supporting multiple operating systems.

Inceptio is engineered to truly be a master of both form and function to be used in the most proper of settings - to save lives.

The Powerhouse

Nothing is standard about this workstation.

From its reduced boot time, ultra-quiet design and advanced hardware, every aspect is taken into account to bring you reduced study processing and improved reading performance. This reading station has radiology in its DNA.


  • Liquid Cooled CPU

  • AMD & Intel Chipsets

  • Dust management

  • Ultra Quiet Fans

  • Dual Boot Redundancy Layer

  • Nvidia & Barco Certified Video

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