Dynamic Enterprise Worklist

Integro is a dynamic universal worklist which connects with virtually any PACS, VNA, voice recognition system or viewer to provide a single, integrated patient list. Integro ingests orders, lists and organizes radiology studies into a holistic view of patient imaging for interpretation across multiple locations and subspecialties.

Most dictation clients are supported and launched based upon pre-defined rules including user group and exam status. Most diagnostic viewers may be launched from a single list based upon location/study origin on a single workstation.

Integro offers many features and benefits including:

  • Interruption management

  • Resident-attending workflow

  • Clinical collaboration tools

  • Unique color-coded STAT/SLA timers

  • AI analysis on key imaging modalities

  • Third-party peer review integration

  • Real time and even case distribution with Enhanced Workflow

  • Patient safety oversight

  • Teaching folders and patient anonymization

  • Multi-archive and local querying

  • Extensive exam sorting and filtering


Integro supports ​most commercially available systems including:

  • Agfa®McKesson/Change®, Philips®

  • Nuance® PowerScribe 360, M*Modal® dictation systems

  • Epic® EMR

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Feature Rich

Integro offers many practical and often overlooked features that enrich a radiologist's user experience. Whether it's ordering by exam significance, AI analysis on key modalities or ad hoc reassignment, the Integro enterprise worklist adapts to your needs.

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