JUSHA-C630G - 6 MP - 30" - 3280x2048 - Color

JushaJUSHA professional display is featured with high resolution, high luminance, 16bit grayscale (65536 grade), built-in LUT based on DICOM standard, designed for high-requirement of clinical diagnosis, such as PACS, Digital Mammography, CR, DR and other x-ray systems.

High Resolution

Jusha diagnostic display is paired with 3MP resolution, which can present the medical image precisely. From CT,MR,DSA image to DR image, they all can be displayed in the monitor perfectly, and guarantees a good compatibility with wide range of device.  

High Luminance

The luminance of JUSHA professional medical display can reach up to 900cd/m2. With the combination of high luminance and great contrast, a significant sense of depth is formed, perfect for locating the nidus.

High Greyscale

The monitor has a 16-bit LUT table, which can express 65536-grade grayscale, and provides a smoother image transition. JUSHA professional display guarantees a perfect presentation of 16-bit high grayscale image captured by high-end equipment. Also, it is helpful to diagnose the early lesion of low contrast with normal tissues.

Integrated Dual-Screen

This technology can display images from two signals on one display, eliminating the problem of inconsistency between the two screens caused by the difference of the screen itself, giving the final image result more accuracy and precision.

Ambient Brightness Adaptation

JUSHA ambient light compensation and correction system can detect the ambient light, and then adjust the display accordingly. This can better suit the observation capability of human eyes, display the image, and could be applied to various luminance environments. The luminance of the display can adapt to working environment, providing great protection for the eyesight of doctors.

Dynamic LUT

The monitor uses dynamic LUT. Compared with traditional LUT, DICOM calibration is no longer limited to preset curves. By applying dynamic LUT, we can calibrate the monitor’s luminance and contrast in real time, which guarantees the monitor comply with DICOM standard under all luminance settings.

SmarTouch® patent

To reduce the visual fatigue during the review, Jusha developed SmarTouch® technology. The luminance can be changed by tapping the SmarTouch button, and the luminance remains stable in a short time with our BIA technology. It guarantees an accurate diagnosis as well as visual protection for doctors.

Presence Induction/Eco-Guardian

JUSHA professional medical display equipped with Eco-guardian can detect if there being any user in front of the monitor.

Calibration by Front Sensor

The front sensor can detect the luminance of the light emitted by the display panel. Together with the backlight sensor, the system combines all luminance information and ensure that the luminance output is consistent with the DICOM standard.

Multi-Display Configuration

Our professional display supports multi-display configuration. By using Display Port connection, multiple displays in a serial installation manner become possible. No more messy cables and wires.

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