Can your product work with any PACS system?

Dextro Imaging workstation, Radcom 4, can work with any PACS system.We have full integration with nearly all the commercially available PACS systems. Our Radcom 4 can replace four of your workstations while reducing the number of monitors to four, from sixteen.


Do you work with Powerscibe or M-Modal.

Dextro Imaging has full integration with both products. Our software (patent pending) allows you to use one microphone for up to four versions of PS360 or M-Modal. 


My hospital doesn’t allow us access to their network.  Can you help us?

Yes.Dextro Imaging software (patent pending) allows you to read from any location, including the ones who limit HL7 access. Call us for the details.


Do you have a Universal worklist?

Dextro Imaging’s Integro Universal worklist allows you to combine all your cases onto one list.The user can choose a case from the list and the correct pacs will instantaneously open for review. The correct reporting system and EMR will also open.


Does you worklist have intelligent features?  Can you load balance over multiple systems?

Integro uses a workflow orchestration engine which strives to provide the right case to the right doctor and the right time (3Rs).The user friendly workflow engine is easy to configure and maintain.Factors which can be used to create balanced worklists are but not limited to subspecialty, case location, licensure, credentialing, insurance, AI findings and acuity (STAT).


Can you use Integro (UWL) if we don’t have HL7 access?

Yes.  Our process can take information from HL7 and non-HL7 sites.  The information can be compiled onto our Universal worklist. The HL7 and non-HL7 cases will be launched in context as if you were at a native workstation.


Are the Dextro RadCom4 desktop computers much larger than a typical workstation computer?

RadCon4 desktop computer is the same size as a typical PACS workstation. It was designed to fit with most standup and height adjustable desks.


How much does the system cost?

Radcom4 workstations are priced competitively and are similar to a traditional PACS workstation. Remember, RadCom4 can replace up to FOUR workstations which drastically can reduce your costs. In addition, for each workstation which is consolidated there are four less monitors. So Radcom4 can obviate the need for 3 PACS workstations and 12 monitors for a average savings of over $25,000.


Can your RadCom4 for work with Hologic systems?

Dextro Imaging can configure a workstation which is Hologic ready. The Hologic system can be one of the four systems on the workstation.Call to ask us how our system can save you money on Hologic ready workstations.


How is Radcom4 better than using VM ware to put multiple PACS on a single workstation?

Radcom4’s patented software has the advantage of using only one single mouse and reporting system microphone.VMware requires multiple reporting system microphones.In addition, VMware is not able to provide workstation monitor standards required by the FDA.


Can you sell in Europe?

It is true that a majority of our business is in the United States and Canada. However, we sell our hardware and software solutions all over the globe.


Can you buy the workstation without the universal worklist.

The workstation will come with the universal worklist (UWL) but the workflow orchestration tool is an option.


Do you provide service and support for your products?

Dextro Imaging has many support options. We can provide 24\7 support for both our hardware and software solutions.

Will there be anything else?

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