Our various consultation services allow us to gain insight into your unique needs and requirements. Our team works closely with you to help improve your imaging workflow, hardware and network infrastructure, and data management.
Workflow Interoperability
We start by taking a snapshot of your current workflow processes and study them in their entirety. Once we identify the areas proving to be the most challenging, we work with your staff to determine the best course of action. We create a custom plan and provide a report which shows how we can assist and resolve these issues to allow you to do what you do best: focus on patients.
Hardware Operability
We start by performing a study based upon on your current implemented hardware and network technologies. We then work closely with your staff to determine any challenges and areas of concern as well as identify unknown issues. Hardware operability studies include a hardware performance capability study, data security study and penetration testing.
Software Workflow Enhancement
We provide an intricate study of your current software solutions and workflow. A software workflow enhancement study includes examining imaging workflow, your electronic medical record system and dictation systems as well as your overall usability of each utilized system.

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