Efficient patient care is our top priority. At Dextro Imaging Solutions, we agree the goal is to achieve the best patient care possible for your patients. Our myriad of technology solutions are designed to keep the radiologist from having to worry about technology so you can have the access and tools you need to do what you do best.
To help achieve that goal, we have designed the "Grail," our comprehensive solution that addresses today's enterprise imaging challenges.
a single enterprise worklist driving multiple PACS and VNA using a single microphone for seamless access to patient imaging across the enterprise.


Set of Monitors


running multiple PACS/VNA


Multi-PACS platforms to meet your workplace demands.
$15,800 - $23,000 MSRP

Our flagship platform runs four or more separate PACS on a single workstation with a single microphone for enterprise-wide accessibility to patient imaging. RadCom 4 works with your already established worklists.

Our dual-PACS platform balances form and function with a combination of  enhanced components and features for powerful performance during peak times.

Portable Workstations

Portable platforms for complete accessibility from any location.
$16,200 - $24,600 MSRP

Reading on the go has never been easier. With UnumRad's minimal setup and compact design, you can start reading in minutes from any remote location.

Comparing studies on the go has never been easier. With DuoRad's minimal setup and two mobile clinical displays, you can start reading in minutes from any remote location.

Exam Management

Provide holistic views of patient imaging and manage imaging workflow.

Dynamic worklist providing a holistic view of patient imaging across the enterprise. Enables single seat, multiple PACS workflow, supporting unified, single patient list accessibility from one, single, workstation.

Intelligent rules-based workflow orchestration engine providing load balancing with automated distribution for an optimized reading environment.

Medical Displays

A curated assortment of displays for your clinical and diagnostic needs.

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