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The Why

For decades, the same problems have plagued the radiology community: lack of accessibility to studies, working on disparate systems which have zero connectivity to one another, inability to read or dictate studies across regions due to medical facilities' deficient interoperability. Dextro Imaging Solutions' Multi-PACS Workstations solve these longstanding issues and so many more. 

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Disparate PACS

You read from multiple PACS at multiple sites.

Our Multi-PACS Workstations provide access to your source PACS across multiple facilities using our RPAS technology.

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One Microphone

Multiple Dictation

You use multiple dictation systems.

Use one handheld microphone for all of your dictation needs.

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Reduce Equipment Costs

Medical Displays

You want to save money on medical displays.

Read across the multiple sites with one workspace, obviating the need for multiple sets of displays.

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Multi-Instance Support

Multiple Instances

You want to run multiple instances of PowerScribe® on the same workstation.

Our Multi-PACS Workstations support multiple instances of PowerScribe.

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One Workspace


You want to use one microphone, mouse and keyboard.

You don't have to switch between peripherals.

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Stop Spinning

Rolling Around

You want to stop moving back and forth between workstations.

Our Multi-PACS Workstations streamline daily diagnostic workflows, reducing tedium while increasing productivity.


The Why

Because Radiologists deserve true interoperability. Technical issues should not be your handicap.