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At Dextro Imaging Solutions, our team of radiologists and healthcare IT specialists understand the frustrating elements that keep radiologists from being as productive as they could be. Our medical technology solutions are designed to eliminate today's imaging problems and solve system interoperability issues.
We are currently organizing all of our medical and non-medical use cases.


Hardware consolidation

Reducing your hardware footprint decreases costs and saves clinical staff time moving from station to station.


Interoperability between your PACS and other relevant systems from one workstation is an affordable middle ground that keeps the costly process of system transitioning at bay. System interoperability allows your clinical staff to keep the systems they are familiar with and prefer to use.


Our technology solutions support multiple methods of integration so you can communicate with all of your connected facilities.

Cost savings

Overall costs are reduced by decreasing the need for costly reading stations so your budget can be allocated to more appropriate areas.

Remote reading

Our stationary workstation solutions are ideal for clinical staff working remotely from home. Our portable workstation solutions provide clinical staff with the access they require while working off-site or traveling.


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